Friday, January 4, 2013

Our 2013 UFO Challenge

Good going have us started now with the below email you sent to us..Good Luck and Happy Sewing (and completing)

Welcome to the 2013 UFO Challenge!  I hope you had a fantastic end to 2012 & are having a wonderful beginning to 2013!!
Do you have your UFO list complete? Or at least know what project you want to complete by Jan 31st? Our definition of UFO is of course an Unfinished Object or it could be considered a WIP for Work In Progress or it could be something new that you've been wanting to make and have not started.
Regarding your list - you can assign a project to a certain month or you can just have your list & when a new month rolls around just pick from your list. I hope that makes sense! On the first of the month we can email each other a pic of the completed item and/or DeAnna & I could blog about it (since we have blogs). I'm good with how ever y'all think is best!
What else can you think of we might want to do for motivation/ inspiration?
Good luck & get to your sewing machines or get to your needles for hand stitching! 


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